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In Ecuador eskaliert die Gewalt…

In Ecuador erleben wir zurzeit einen bewaffneten Konflikt, der von Drogenbanden des gesamten Landes ausgelöst wird. Die Gewaltkrise ist enorm: Präsident Noboa hat heute den Kriegszustand ausgerufen.

Wir gehen in jedes Dorf und werden für den gesamten Monat Januar 2024 Lebensmittelpakete an unsere Schüler, Lehrer und Kollegen verteilen. Viele Wege sind unterbrochen und es ist gefährlich, die Häuser zu verlassen. Unsere Studentenleiter sind jedoch lokal gut vernetzt und das Konzept der Paketverteilung hat sich bereits in der Coronakrise bewährt.

Die Lebensmittelpakete enthalten lokale Produkte. So können unsere Familien aus ländlichem Gebiet, wo unsere Schüler leben, trotz der unsicheren Lage einen Teil ihrer Ernte verkaufen und gleichzeitig die Menschen vor Ort und in den umliegenden Gebieten mit ihren Produkten versorgen.

Jedes Paket ernährt 4 Personen 2 Wochen lang. Mit 50 Dollar kannst du ein Essenspaket spenden und in diesen schwierigen Momenten helfen. Die Pakete sind in allen Provinzen und Dörfern Ecuadors verfügbar wo unsere Schüler wohnen. Niemand muss das Risiko eingehen weite Strecken zurückzulegen.

Um so viele Familien wie möglich zu erreichen brauchen wir jede Unterstützung. Jede Spende zählt in diesen Momenten wo die Angst und Unsicherheit die Leute daran hindert, hinauszugehen. Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Hilfe!

Datos de cuenta bancaria

My shoes

  • With your donation we can deliver shoes to students from the most vulnerable homes.
    Draw a smile on their faces, thank you.
My shoes


I have worked all my life for projects that benefit children, young people and musicians.

For my 50th birthday, I would like to be able to distribute 50 school bags to children from poor families from Ecuador Brass; all equipped with school materials for the coming school year – exercise books, pencils, crayons and pens.

Between August 5 and September 5, 2022, the donations received will be used for this campaign. Thanks to your donation, many of our children will be able to start the new school year with their own school bag and new school materials.


Acopio - Junio
Reparto Ayuda - Junio

During the Pandemic, the Brass has not stopped its work. We have not given up offering:

10,300 hours of music lessons: theory and practice.

1,080 Aid packages for the families of our musicians.

5 training seminars – work certifications.

“There is more joy in giving than receiving”

Since I was a child, I enjoyed sharing, not my left overs, but the bread I held in my hand.
Now, at 50, I am very thankful to share what life has put in my hands through all of you. There is still time, we continue receiving donations. The food baskets will be delivered starting on April 17.

Thank you,

Acopio & preparación
Reparto ayuda I - MIs 50 años

The products from Aid packages “For my 50 years” have stories to tell that make it even more special.
The chickens are Mariela’s mother’s – a family business.
The bread is from Josselyn – an extraordinary undertaking by a great oboist.

Next delivery:

September 11 and 12

Help us provide food to the homes of our musicians who live in insecure health conditions.

There are 86 households that do not have sufficient physical, social or economic access to basic food.

Need is a concept that you cannot fully understand until you experience hunger, cold, and have no resources to feed your loved ones.

It is a feeling of lack together with the desire to satisfy it and not finding a way to accomplish it yourself. It is what many of the musicians in our society feel every day. Your donation can help a family have basic food for at least 1 month – Donate $ 50 for a basic food basket.


Reparto Ayuda: Entrega 28 y 29 de Agosto


Acopio: 28 y 29 de Agosto



The crisis caused by the Coronavirus in Ecuador is not only sanitary but also economic and social.

The homes of our students have been hit by the death of a relative, loss of jobs, or lack of economic resources.

That is why we launched this aid campaign. We would be very grateful if you would decide to donate, even if it’s just a few baskets.

Every donation counts! Thank you very much.

Thanks to your donations, our food campaign is still going strong.

Your support and assistance would allow us to bring food baskets to the students and their families.

We are sending more baskets on August 29th.


Support us again, our next challenge – deliveries for Saturday July 30.

We thank all the friends of Ecuador Brass who contribute to bringing help to the homes of our musicians.

Some impressions from the delivery of July 17, the joy of giving – beautiful moments!


Acopio 17 de Julio


Reparto Ayuda: Entrega 17 de Julio


Backstage 17 Julio

With the idea of optimizing the resources we receive and understanding that our homes need to open up spaces and seek creative alternatives, each month we will provide support to different initiatives of our musicians.

This July 30 we will be supporting José, one of the first students of the system, who now has a family and has started a small business of ANTOJITOS VERDES, products made from plantains. 

Each basket distributed the month of July will contain “Antojitos de Verde”.  The support that we will provide to José will be decisive in supporting his family and contribute to the wellbeing of the families of our students.





Sparkasse Westmünsterland

Kontoinhaber: Hans-Joachim von Lützau

Brass Band Ecuador

IBAN – DE47 4015 4530 0038 1637 62


Postkonto 60-157093-2

Kulturbrücke Ecuador, 4917 Melchnau CH

IBAN – CH61 0900 0000 6015 7093 2


Banco del Pichincha

Fundación Brass Band del Ecuador

Cuenta Ahorros: 315 764 2100




Ecuador Brass Band (Norge).

Account number: 1503.36.21628 or VIPPS 70379


The challenges of the pandemic have given us an adaptive and creative dimension to our work.  In a changing world with a “new normal”, our homes need not only a food basket but a message of hope.

We want to thank all of those who contributed to our successful March campaign. However, the photographs and videos show that the work of Brass Band did not stop, and we also managed to meet the goals for May and June.

Acopio: Entrega 27 de Junio
Reparto Ayuda: Entrega 27 de Junio

Far from the projections suggested when the pandemic started, the needs of those working in the field of the arts: soloists, ensembles, choirs, orchestras, have increased.  Every day our challenge continues to keep the art of music alive.  The crisis and the needs continue, our country is going through its most critical stage – CLICK HERE – 

Etapa crítica en nuestra ciudad

Vídeos del 27 de Junio

Little by little, our rehearsal room is filling up with food, this June.

Where you used to be able to hear the ensemble of trumpets, trombone horns, tubas, percussion, piano, violins, guitars, mixed with the laughter of the children, every afternoon, we now have established our collection centre, where we lovingly fill the blue boxes to send aid to the homes of our students.


There’s still time to donate!, the next delivery will be on June 27.


We share impressions of the first deliveries of the month.

We hope to have more support so that we can successfully complete this campaign.

We count on you!

Reparto Ayuda Junio: Entrega 1

Reparto Ayudas Junio: entrega 1

Reparto Ayuda Junio: Entrega 2

Reparto Ayuda Junio: entrega 2




As soon as the pandemic showed the first effects in our country, we reacted as soon as possible to the request for support, that came from our students.

In mid-April we started the initiative to deliver food and help baskets every month.

This initiative has been joined by friends, musicians recognized in the academic world such as the German trumpet player: Professor Peter Mönkediek and together we are able to further strengthen the food basket we offer.

Consiguiendo donativos

The Brass continued, the music did not stop … we are working with our friends and supporters, to distribute provisions and food to the families of musicians, that we have taught in these 20 years of educational work.

Friends, recognized musicians in the academic field and supporters have joined this initiative, making it possible for us to distribute the food baskets to the students in need.

Acopio - transporte y reparto ayuda

With the students with which it’s possible we connected over the internet. We have continued to offer classes online, but due to socio-economic circumstances, there are households that do not have the necessary equipment such as computers or internet access and it has become difficult to continue the educational process.

Once the 96 families have been identified, we knew that this aid was going to benefit at least 630 people. (On average the families are composed of 6 or 7 members).

Taking the needed security measures, we have personally transported, distributed and delivered the aid.

Aid-distribution: delivery 1
Reparto Ayuda: Entrega 1
Aid-distribution: delivery 2
Reparto Ayuda: Entrega 2
Aid-distribution: delivery 3
Reparto Ayuda: Entrega 3
Aid-distribution: delivery 4
Reparto Ayuda: Entrega 4

For that reason, it’s important that we keep receiving donations, since these 96 households will be in constant need of help, at least for the coming months.

With your donation we can reduce the impact of the pandemic on the lives of our musicians.

Thank you!

La Brass no para...nuestra misión continúa...


Sparkasse Westmünsterland
Kontoinhaber: Hans-Joachim von Lützau
Brass Band Ecuador
IBAN: DE47 4015 4530 0038 1637 62

Postkonto für Spenden: 60-157093-2
Kulturbrücke Ecuador, 4917 Melchnau CH
IBAN CH61 0900 0000 6015 7093 2

Account Number: 315 764 2100
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