COFFEE from Ecuador

 Arabica coffee

The best coffee beans from the Ecuadorian cloud forests, biologically grown in an altitude of more than 2000 meters. This coffee has an excellent and fruity aroma and is also easily digestible and of low acidity.

Buy BB Kaffee, as with every bag you financially help children and teenagers of the Ecuador Brass to receive a musical education.

Fill out the fields and get your first ground coffee or coffee beans of BB Kaffee.

Price per bag of coffee (500g): 17€ – 20CHF

Germany: Shipping costs when buying 1-2 bags +4€, when buying 3-4 bags +4.50€

Switzerland: Shipping costs when buying 1-4 bags +7CHF

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We are happy about your interest in our product.

By buying BB Kaffee you are financing the musical education of children and teenager of the Ecuador Brass Band to a large extend. The earnings of every sold bag benefit the children.

In this extract you will learn more about the place and the way BB Kaffee is grown:

BB Kaffee is cultivated in the province of Loja in Puyango, Olmedo, Charguarpamba and Vilcabamba. These regions are on the Andean highlands at an altitude of more about 2000 m where the climate is unique causing the soil to be very fertile. This allows the growth of a high-quality coffee.

The coffee type grown in this area is called Arabica and is known for its delicate taste. The caffeine content lays between 1% and 13%.

The coffee plants sprout in the shade of the native trees, through which the coffee gets this unsurpassable flavour. These trees are the habitat of more than 100 different species of birds that are responsible for the maintenance of flora and fauna.

The plantations are cultivated by small farmer families, that grow the coffee biologically and without chemical additives. The foil isn’t strained. Neither when roasted nor when grinded the environment is affected.

Only adults are involved in the process of growing and harvesting, as we don’t support child labour in any way. The farmers earn a fair salary for their product with which he supports himself and his family.

After harvesting the beans, they are carefully cleaned and sorted by size, weight and colour. After that the beans are roasted and grinded and finally packed into a laminated PET bag with an integrated valve for air exchange and sealed. This packing is excellent to protect this sensitive product and allows us to keep and transport it in ideal conditions. By this our coffee is soundly sold and you will experience an incomparable flavour.

Characteristics of our product

Acidity: medium – low

Taste: pleasant and fruity

Aroma: strong

Consistency: liquid


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